Presented by Bank of America and Philanthropy Massachusetts, the Nonprofit Learning Institute is four-part cohort series for the executive leaders of nonprofit organizations.

Sessions throughout the spring of 2024 will focus on building the capacity of NPOs and fostering leaders in the Massachusetts nonprofit sector. 

"As a new (and young) executive director, this series was incredibly helpful. I've used a lot of the information and tools in everyday work life."

NPLI Overview

Now in its 13th year, the Nonprofit Learning Institute continues to strengthen the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on supporting leaders of color. Over the first 12 years, this program has increased the effectiveness of 243 nonprofit leaders from throughout Massachusetts.


Strategic Planning

April 2, 2024
This session will walk you through what it means to be strategic; how an organization can be strategic; and what a truly strategic plan should look like. 

Board Engagement & Development 

April 23, 2024
This session will focus on engaging and developing a board; the purpose, roles and responsibilities of the board of directors; opportunities for board leadership; and, strategic board recruitment.

Capitalization & Financial Stability 

May 14, 2024
This session will cover the fundamentals of nonprofit finance, including reading your income statements and balance sheets, assessing your organization’s financial picture, and understanding full-cost budgeting.

Leadership Success 

June 4, 2024

This session will draw on real world experience to help you identify and develop the characteristics needed to lead organizations to meaningful and sustainable impact.

In-Person Celebration and Alumni Gathering

Celebrate with us at Bank of America's Federal Street office. Date TBA.

"Our board recruitment and vetting has become much more organized, as well as a formalized rotation plan so that the board continuously brings on new members and doesn't get stale.”


  • Each participant must be in a senior management role or serve as a board member with an organization with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in Massachusetts.
  • The annual operating budget of the associated organization should be between $250,000 and $2 million (Budget size should not deter applicants from applying. Applicants associated with organizations outside this range will also be considered. See Application Form for details.)
  • Participants must commit to attending all sessions.
"I loved this program and am very grateful for the community, resources, and energy that this gave me. I would recommend to anyone in a similar role."
For more information, please contact our Nonprofit Programs Manager Phyllis Corkum.